Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quick tour of some of the U-Verse TV UI

Some highlights...

Main U-Verse screen
The main screen you see when you "enter" the U-Verse menu system. Note the "blue everywhere" color scheme and the light blue selected item (which is easier to see in the photo then on the actual TV screen)

U-Verse device info
The "System Info" for the box. WinCE!

U-Verse Video On Demand menu
Main VOD menu

U-Verse interactive menu
This is the applications menu; each of these actually launches an "app" for things like local weather, and such.

U-Verse schedule
The list of scheduled recordings.

U-Verse recorded shows
The menu for already-recorded shows.

U-Verse recording set-up screen
The main screen for setting up a new recording.

U-Verse program guide
The main program guide view.

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